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Electricity without wires ?

on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Humans have always lived a curious life,from making fire for their cooking and protection to using the up to date technology , from using salt in their food to using nano technology for pain relief,and now we(not Afghanistan anyway)are in a era of pawing the edges of connecting our home devices and plaguing them to electricity using no wire,what??No wires??..YES and it is POSSIBLE.Today I am going to tell you how it works. It is Neither that difficult nor that complicated case , using 2 magnets and coils around them they generate electromagnetic field and place these 2 magnets at a distance (in meters only for now) now between these 2 magnets there will be electromagnetic induction (simple words ) electromagnetic wave propagation which is not considered(not yet) to be harmful for humans . at one side they install a transmitter and converter to convert power(electricity) to electromagnet waves and other side electromagnetic wave receiver and another converter to convert the recieved electromagnet waves to power(electricity), Due to electromagnetic induction in between these 2 magnets waves will be sent and received ,there you go it is that easy ,but most important thing is that they come up with an idea like this.after all Hafiz my 11 grade classmate was right about electricity without wires ,when all of us were laughing at him


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