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on Saturday, April 24, 2010

It does not take you to be a geek or a computer nerd to surf and like a website,you may like a website because you download a video file ,an audio file for your ipod ,or you may like it because you get the news.For some of us who mostly download movies and documentaries using torrent, i would like to suggest 2 websites for them. and

these are 2 websites that i personally download movies from ,one tip for my friend out there , please check the number of seeds for any file before you download them , both sites show the number of seeds,the more the better , file size and the date .
Though one thing which bothers me about these 2 sites is the SEARCH , it is not that accurate , sometimes they may suggest something totally have to type the exact key word.

Those of us who are interested in improving their general knowledge i recommend you the following sites

From dating a woman to connecting your laptop to a desktop monitor or knowing the geographically correct location of Afghanistan in degrees, these above sites give you information ,howstufforks will provide the relevant videos too.

For downloading small to big size softwares , ebooks... i suggest you
you can make an account free of charge or you can simply download for free , but sometime the softwares provided will be trail version , you may need to buy the serial code(who does that ?),if you dont want to download trail version , just check the extension of the file , it may end with .trail or _trail .

for Electronic reviews and previews check out

these sites will compare the products , tell you the current market price , and advice you on the subject.

well friends these are the sites i recommend, if you want any sort of clarification please feel free to put comments in my facebook or here in my blog , i promise to read it and reply back , till then take care and have fun :)

salam u alikum

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