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Basic tips for increasing your computer speed

on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After purchasing a new computer you might have really noticed and probably didn’t like one thing: The gradual decrease on the speed of your computer (I am not talking about internet speed).This happens due to many reasons. I am going to give you a basic idea of prevention and recovery.
1) Your computer might have been infected by a malicious file; it might be due to surfing on the net or putting an infected USB into your USB port. It takes only 15 minutes to get infected on the net if you are not using an anti virus .you can buy or download an antivirus to get rid of your problem
And I recommend you kaspersky internet security (well iam using it) .you can get it about Afg 1500
Or download free trial version from

2) The disk partition that you have installed your operating system (windows or Linux and mostly drive is C by default) might be running out of space, and that causes slow speed on your pc. Delete the unwanted files and folders from particular drive (that includes my documents too ...)
If you want to uninstall some applications which have no use any more, then un install them from control panel ->add and remove programs.

3) Your Drives are like a book shelves and files, programs you installed are like books, if the files are not organized well and not well installed with particular address, A randomness comes to existence and that takes a lot of space, it is like throwing the books without arranging them in an order in the shelf .so often you need to do a defragmentation. That is the procedure of arranging the files into order which brings out more space to use. To defragment your drive
Go to start menu->All programs->Accessories->system tools ->disk defragmenter.

4) Due to some reasons some of your kernel codes are missing from you operating system, or your operating system (means your windows or etc) is facing a problem, in this case you need to back up your data, and format your system and re install your operating system.

5) If the above tips still do not help you ,well my friend it is time for you to scratch your pocket and get a new RAM.I recommend you to get DDRRAM (Doubly data rated RAM).Some computers provide the option of upgrading your RAM.

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