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How to download a file from youtube easily?

on Friday, April 30, 2010

There are a lot of softwares available for this purpose , for Some you have to pay or you will just get the trail versions . but anyways it would be difficult for some one to use or download an additional file for the very file he wants.
well today i am going to tell you how to download a file on the net using nothing but your browser and your net connection and you don`t need to have extra softwares.

step1) Go to youtube and select your favorite clip.

step2) On the address bar you should see a URL address -Example URL stands for universal resource locater, a unique address for files on the net .

step3) copy the URL and go to , here you will see a bar and a download option, past the URL that you copied from youtube , click download.

step4) To confirm , the website will show the name of the file you selected , and will ask what quality and formate you want , and then the download will start , if you are using Google chrome as browser like I do or opera , the download will be shown on the bottom of your browser ,but if you are using fire fox or IE then there will be another window for the download .


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